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Quality and professionalism are the hallmarks of our roof and gutter cleaning service.


We regularly improve our services, keep abreast of technical developments in the sector and make our know-how available to individuals and companies.


Since we started cleaning roofs and gutters, our goal has remained the same: to provide impeccable service and to ensure that we never betray the trust our customers place in us.

See frequently asked questions here:

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Why should I clean my roof ?

4 reasons why cleaning your roof is important in


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1. It extends the life of your roofing material

Moisture and bacteria that thrive on your roof will cause your roofing material to deteriorate and shorten its lifespan. Many homeowners think they can't do anything about the black streaks on their roof. They assume that their roof needs a complete replacement while their roof just needs to be cleaned.


What happens to your roof if you don't maintain it? The condition of your roof will simply deteriorate and begin to become porous. If you didn't already know, algae and moss will eventually eat away at all roof coverings.


Call us or request a no-obligation and free quote via our website as soon as you see moss on your roof. According to our experience, our roof cleaning service extends the life of your roof tiles by up to 25 years!

2. It gives your roof a brand new look

Algae and moss stains on your roof are not only harmful, they also look unsightly. This is especially true if your roof covering has a​​ has a light color. Don't make your house look awful or abandoned and contact us to completely de-moss and clean your roof.


Our roof cleaning service gives your home a whole new look.  Our LFN roof cleaning professionals will ensure that your roof regains its original color and beauty.

3. It prevents pests and underlying problems

A pile of organic materials on your roof makes it an attraction for birds and insects. These animals use this to make it a breeding ground. Not only that, birds peck at the surface of your roof. They damage your cover by leaving scratches and holes.


Once moisture and water enter your home through these damaged roof tiles, the interior of your home will also be affected. Mold that thrives on your roof spreads in your home, causing allergies and other health problems.


Indoor mold also destroys your wooden furniture. When this rots, it again attracts insects such as cockroaches and beetles.

Prevent all these underlying problems by having your roof cleaned in time with our service.

4. It gives you an advantage in energy saving

Are you noticing rising energy bills and temperatures in your home? Roofs should normally be able to reflect the sun's rays. However, algae growth or misaccuracy on your roof disrupts this important function.


As we mentioned before, algae and moss feed on your roofing material and reduce its effectiveness. Most homeowners don't realize it, but the organic matter that builds up on their roof is why energy bills can soar even more.


A thorough roof cleaning with LFN Clean - roof cleaning increases the solar reflection of a roof. Rest assured that your family will feel more comfortable and enjoy greater savings.

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When should I have my roof cleaned ?

Get the most out of it by checking your roof regularly and visually in


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A well-maintained roof lasts!

Now that you know the benefits of roof cleaning for your home, you might be wondering​​ whether your roof is in need of cleaning or demossing.


You only need to visually inspect your roof to know if it's time for maintenance. If you see moss growth, black streaks, leaves, branches or other debris, it may be time to call in our roof cleaners. Even birds on your roof can be a signal that it needs maintenance. Feel free to contact us or request a free quote here .


It is recommended to have your roof thoroughly cleaned every 6 or 7 years after the winter. However, if you have a relatively new roof covering, or if you have recently had a thorough roof cleaning performed, we recommend that you have it maintained and treated every 2 years (also read: how do we work? ). A well-maintained roof extends its lifespan by 25 years!


It is also best to have your roof maintained during the summer months. This gives your roof sufficient sunshine after our intervention and also ensures that your roof surface is dry and safer for us to work on. 


How do we work ?

We guarantee a real craftsmanship in 


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As an expert in cleaning roofs, we have to find the right balance between thoroughly cleaning roofs and working without damage. We generally use high-pressure cleaners for this. However, the temperature of the water and the product to maintain your roof will depend on the nature of the covering and the condition of your roof. Furthermore, we naturally use specialized ladders that are made exactly for our type of task. Of course we are also fully equipped for the safe cleaning of roofs: safety shoes, work clothes, etc.  Ultimately, we also avoid working on roofs in winter because it usually becomes too cold or too dangerous for our specialists.

What do we use for cleaning roofs in


Cold water Kärcher

With our  professional  cold water  karcher  of 180 bar with a flow rate of 650 liters per hour, we can clean your roof without the risk of infiltration or  damage  cleaning. This is just enough to remove a layer of dirt, algae and lichen.


Steam cleaner

For vulnerable roofs, we use our professional steam cleaner that can be regulated between 30°C and 120°C. The pressure can also be regulated from 30 bar up to 1000 bar to remove stubborn stains and deep roots of mosses.

What specific treatments can we offer?



An anti-foam treatment is applied to your covering after cleaning your roof. This prevents the rapid return of moss, algae, etc. due to humidity.


Water resistance

To prevent permanent moisture, we apply a water-repellent layer to your cover. This way you avoid having to have your roof de-mossed every year.



To protect roof tiles and slates against discolouration, it is recommended to apply a layer of coating. This can be transparent  as well as colored, depending on the color of your covering.

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How much does a roof cleaning cost?

Between 5 to 15€/m2* in


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*Not all roofs are the same

What will a roof cleaning cost me?

We are proud to provide customers in the region with a high-quality moss removal and roof cleaning service. Our customers enjoy working with us and many of them come back to us to start a maintenance contract and then become our regular customers. However, every customer is unique with us because his roof is too.


Indeed, the size of the roof, the nature of the cover and the condition of the latter will make the amount of the price vary.

You may have understood it, your quote is tailor-made to avoid unpleasant surprises. With LFN Clean - roof cleaning you can be sure of impeccable work at the right price!

Would you like to receive a quotation or a price offer for cleaning your roof or gutters? Fill out our quote form and an LFN roof cleaning expert will contact you shortly.

From 10 to 15€ per m2

For a thorough cleaning of your roof

When there is an accumulation of moss, it is possible that the covering of your roof has been damaged. When thoroughly cleaning your roof, we check any damage and use "heavier" equipment to professionally clean your roof (also read: " how do we work? "). This includes an 'all-in' formula in which we roof full  deforested, completely clean your gutters and other drainage channels and we treat your entire roof with a water-repellent and anti-foam product (anti-moss). After a thorough cleaning, it is recommended to regularly perform a quick and efficient cleaning of your roof, which will save you money in the long run!


From 15 to 20€ per m2

Give your roof a new look with our coating service

At this price you have as good as new roofing! If you choose this formula, our experts will give your roof a brand new look by painting it completely in order to rediscover its original appearance. This coating is water-resistant and can be transparent as well as colored, depending on the color of your cover. On top of that, we give a 10-year warranty on our intervention! A definite recommendation!



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